Tuesday Tunes: Birds of Ontario

Every Tuesday, Arts & Craft Collective shares tunes that inspire us. Whether it is local music, the obscure or a past favorite, we want to share and appreciate the music that helps bring depth to our own artistic process.

Gananoque local, Eric Lepp, is the lead singer and guitarist of Birds of Ontario, an indie band formed in St Catharines in 2014. The band consists mainly of Eric Lepp and Matt Klassen, but frequently has a rotation of other musicians joining them for colabs and shows like Ben Goertzen of Limestone Chorus and Christopher Koop of Eleven. Lepp has played at local venues such as the Stonewater Gastro Pub and the Gananoque Brewing Company.

Lepp recently relocated to Gananoque from St Catharines in the spring of 2017 but is a well established musician in the Niagara region, playing at venues such as the Merchant Ale House, Silversmith Brewery, the Mansion House and most recently Niagara's newest concert space, The Warehouse.

The band released their debut album, Music for Animals, in 2017. Their upcoming album, Guns, is due for release in the summer of 2018 but we can expect a new single 04/20/2018. The band was featured in popular music blog The Bandcamp Diaries, in April 2018, which we've provided for you below:

This post was originally written on The Bandcamp Diaries.

Birds Of Ontario - Music for Animals

Birds Of Ontario is a band with a focus on splicing up intimate folk vibes with indie rock energy. Their music is reminiscent of artists as diverse as Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear or Chad Vangaalen, with a passion for gripping melodies and lyrics with a true poetic vein. Their recent studio effort, “Music for Animals”, is a fantastic musical endeavor that encompasses the band’s fondness for authentic and gritty sonic landscapes. The album retains a very intimate sound while exploring different ideas and influences. Throughout the span of 9 exciting tracks, the band set out to create an album that feels like an exciting musical journey. The stunning introductory number, “The Apocalypse (Don’t Worry Baby”) echoes the work of artists such as Arcade Fire, with bittersweet and haunting melodies, as well as a minimalistic backdrop. Tracks such as “Hold Me Down” and “Snowbirds” reveal the band’s most upbeat side, often echoing the work of artists such as Wilco or Calexico, with an edgier twist.

These are only some of the highlights from a fantastic and well-produced record.

Find out more and check out Birds of Ontario via the following links:

Their next show is at the In the Soil Arts Festival in Niagara on April 27-29. Check it out on Facebook.

Keep up the great work, guys!

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