Mark Brown - A&C Feature Artisan

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a retired Canadian soldier, having served for many years including several tours overseas and originally took up woodworking over 25 years ago to make baby furniture for my two sons.

2. How did you get into woodworking? How did you learn?

I have taken a few college wood working courses between postings in Ottawa and Kingston.  It is a true joy for me to work with rough cut lumber and make something useful and beautiful.  I enjoy the challenge of new and difficult projects to build and improve upon my skill and knowledge level.  However, I have made some really bad...umm, let’s call them, umm, “learning lessons”...that have added to the firewood pile in my shop!  My partner in life, Wendy, has a sharp eye for fashion and good taste and is quick (and sometimes brutal) when giving her opinion on my latest piece, but she is always right! 

3. Can you tell us about some of the projects you are working on right now?

In the first picture, I am making a rustic frame for a large stand up mirror, made from recycled boards, from a 200 year old house on Hickory Street in Gananoque that is being gutted for renovations.

In the second picture, I am sharpening some chisels at my sharpening station in my shop.

In the last picture, I am pointing to my many, many clamps, because every wood worker knows, “You can never have too many clamps!”

I am really looking forward to meeting some great people at Arts & Craft Collective this weekend!

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