Emma Owen- A&C Feature Artisan

Emma Owen is a multidisciplinary artist from Gananoque, Ontario. She specializes in stop motion animation miniatures, multi-media sculpture and illustration. She has worked with such award winning directors as Guy Maddin, Chris Lavis and Maciek Szczerbowski of Clyde Henry Productions, Cordell Barker, Mark Osborne and Jamie Caliri.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Are you from around here?

My family is from the surrounding area of Kingston and have slowly moved their way towards Gananoque. I consider Gananoque to be my home and feel a strong connection to the people of the community. 

Are you completely self taught? Did you go to school for the Arts?

I studied Film Animation at Concordia University in Montreal, QC where I developed my love for Stop Motion and had the freedom to explore my point of view through film and sculpture. 

Her work explores themes of fantasy, mystery and the female subconscious, and aims to tell stories by playing with the balance of futurism and antiquity, strength and vulnerability, the real and the surreal. Her current series of pen illustrations are inspired by traditional flash line-work and pointillism.

Can you explain the techniques used to make your prints? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Miniatures have fascinated me ever since I can remember and the level of patience and skill it takes to make stop-motion animation is what I find makes the medium so special.

When was the first time you sold your own art? How did it make you feel?

The first time I was payed for my work was a reassuring moment... when all the time and passion you've put into your craft is somehow legitimized and even celebrated by fellow artists who you respect and inspire you.

When did you decide or become an artist? How long have you been working as an artist? How did you find your calling?

There wasn't a moment when I decided I was an artist... I have always been. I have always created things, and will continue to, for no other purpose than to create.

Besides her artistic projects, Emma is a local contractor and the sole owner and operator of True Blue Painting, and specializes in fine interior and exterior painting with a strong focus on earth conscious practices and products.

What projects are you working on right now?

I am always looking for new ways to make things. I eagerly forget old projects to make room for new ones. I am currently working on an illustration series inspired by flash tattoo art. I want it to be accessible but still provocative. Pen drawings are so immediate and I find I am constantly excited by it. 

Why did you join Arts & Craft Collective? What's part of it do you find the most exciting?

Joining Arts & Craft Collective made so much sense for me. I feel it is so important not only for me, but for other artists as well, to surround themselves with people who inspire them, support them and motivate them to extend their artistic selves. I am so grateful for Tikvah and Calvin's dedication to this endeavor and I feel many wonderful things are to come! 

Emma plays a number of roles with Arts & Craft Collective, including resident artist, occasional shop keeper and workshop instructor. To contact Emma, please email us at

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